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Water Slides and Water park in Fulton New York
  Black Water Tunnel Twisters
  Thunder Rush Extreme Body Sliding
  Two Body Twisters
  Tube Slide
  Two Kiddie Slides
  Kiddie Mini River
  Formula 1
  Grand Prix
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  17 Hole Jungle Mini Golf Course
  Soaring Eagle Zip Line
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  Sliders Cafe
  Picnic Table Area
  Oasis Indoor Banquet Hall
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Water Slides and Water park in Fulton

Thunder Island Water Park and Family Entertainment Park

Life offers a lot of choices...  Tomorrow you could do homework?  Sound exciting?  (Not!) Spend the day cleaning house?  (Why me?)  Go shopping?  (Boring)


You could come to Thunder Island and have a blast.  Imagine flying through the air line a bird with a turbo charger on our new Soaring Eagle Zip Line.  Or how about standing so high you can look down on the tops of the trees and you prepare to plunge down our Black Water Tunnel Twisters or shoot like a rocket through out Thunder Rush Extreme Body Sliding.

Haven't had enough fun yet?

How about racing around on our Formula 1 and Grand Prix Go-Karts to the thrill of the crowd as you race for the finish line?  Afterwards to slow things down a little you can challenge your friends and family to a game of Jungle Mini Golf on our huge 17 hole course.

Still more?

Don't forget the video game room.

Tired?  How about a tube slide (Yeah) or going down the kiddie slides (Just Kidding) or rafting down our Mini River.  Yes, we have it all.  And so can you.  Just get in the car and head to Fulton.  You can't miss us (Of course we do offer directions just in case).

Family Fun?

Have a big event coming up?  We can host your next party whether it be a birthday party, family barbeque, celebration, wedding or receptions.  We even offer steak bakes and clam bakes.  (Yummy!)

All you need to do to have a fantastic day is to jump in the car and head to Thunder Island

Water Park in Fulton NY
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